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Commonly Used Medicines for Common Ailments in Homeopthy

Common conditions of ill health and the Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy system does not have specific medicines disease wise whereas other systems claims that their systems have specific medicines for specific diseases. Homeopathy treats the diseases as of the deviations of health of patient as such and not as disease of each part separately as if these parts are independent from the patient It can be observed that if there is pain in a particular organ, the individual is inconvenienced not the organ alone. Again take a specific case like Headache. In other systems for everybody's and every type of headache, any of the group of medicines for head ache is prescribed. But in homeopathy the medicine is prescribed on the basis of several factors like the cause, the exact spot of the head, the side and other conditions like whether it starts gradually and stops gradually or starts and stops suddenly or goes from one side to other side etc which are different for each individual. There are several such differences between the head ache of one patient from the other. The list will be exhaustive and is not possible to list all of them. Hence the medicine also will be different and even the potency (strength) may differ. The same hold good for every other problem. Therefore, the correct procedure is to go to a competent Homeopath.

However, there are some medicines which will work for majority of patients suffering from certain conditions. A list of the condition with the possible remedies are given below. There are certain norms to be observed for giving the medicines. These are to be strictly followed, because what is involved is the precious lives.

The Conditions and the Homeo medicines

Travel effects

Air Sickness - some persons who do not travel often, may feel some uneasiness by the down ward motion and sudden dips of the plane. Such persons may take 1 dose (1 piliule) of Borax 30 in 3-4 spoons of water dissolved, about 4 hours before the flight time. This should prevent the discomforts. Petroleum is another medicine which can help in the situation.

For general bad effects of travel take the medicine Coca as suggested above.

Arnica 30 can be used with great effect in travel fatigue. 


For removing bad effects of drinks, like gastric trouble, restlessness or giddiness take Nux vomica 30. Take 1 dose in the evening. Wait till next day evening. If there is any reaction of the medicine wait for observation. If the reaction is progressive and favourable though there was a slight aggravation of the problem/s. If there is no reaction at all take one more dose the next day evening. Even then if there is no relief consult a competent homeopath. 

Wounds and Injuries 

Homeopathic Antiseptic treatment - Mix Calendula mother tincture one part with 7 parts of warm water. Apply the mixture for wounds, cuts or other external injuries after washing the same with clean water. The pain will reduce and healing will be very fast. After that take on dose of Arnica 30. There is no need to go for any anti tetanus injunction or pain killers. 

Back-ache from over-exertion: Arnica 30 - 1 piliule doses each in water with a gap of 2 hours. Take only a maximum of 2 doses. 

Back-ache on rising from seat but getting relief after moving: Rhus Tox 30 1 dose in water and wait for few hours and repeat. Relief should be felt and will last for some time. 

For bathing dread or hate to be bathed or washed give 1 dose of Sulphur 30 in the morning in water as explained earlier.

For biliousness after fat or rich food take Pulsatilla 30 piliule - 2 doses in water with a gap of 2 hours. 

Insect Bites-Stings etc

For bites (also teeth bites from chewing) or bad effects from bites and Stings - take Acetic Acid 30 piliule as suggested in other cases.

For Bee sting another medicine is Urtica Urens 30.

For bites of dogs (non rabies), cats, rats etc and also for puncture wounds take Ledum 30 in water. This will prevent the inflamatory complication and prevent the shooting pains, especially when nerves are involved.


Nux vomica is a universal homeopathic cleanser. Use 30 potency once after a one-time exposure to toxic substances, such as medication or obnoxious fumes, or overindulgence in stimulants. If a person is more consistently exposed to toxic substances, sometimes Nux, along with a homeopathic dilution of the substance itself can be used on a regular basis to counteract long-term ill-effects.

Some medical tips

For fearfulness before going to dentist, or any other doctor take Aconite 30. It calms  you.

Take a dose of Arnica 30 about 3 hours before and after any  any medical procedure to minimize shock and  also to help heal faster and painless.

Where an operation is involved or an injury happens in a nerve rich area of the body take Hypericum 30. It relieves the pain and heal the nerve tissues.

Where incisions or cutting operations etc are involved give Staphysagria 30. It gives relief from all uneasiness  after an operation. 

Give Phosphorus 30 for the side effects of anaesthetics as nausea, confusion and other discomforts. It can be repeated 2 - 3 times.

Ledum can take care of adverse effects of injections. Effects of puncture wound.

Embedded Objects, Boils

If there are foreign or external particles like splinters under the skin give Silicea 30 which will eject the object from under the skin. If this fail, give Hepar sulph 30 which will do the job.

Belladonna 30 given before pus forms in boils of very red, hot, painful and shiny will take care of the boils.

If a boil is sensitive and feels as if a stick is under the skin, Hepar sulph 30 will be very useful. Silicea may also help.

Sulphur 30 in the mornings is useful in  crop of angry-looking boils found on the buttocks.

Bites, Stings

For Bee stings and for allergic reactions, hives give Apis 30 where the affected part/s are red, burning, swelling and sticking pains.

For mosquito, black fly, and sand flea bites take Ledum 30. 

Take Arnica for wasp stings.

For bronchitis in Autumn give Calc Carbonica 30 and Sulphur 30 in hot weather.

For Burns & Scalds give Cantharis 30. Cantharis Tincture (8 drops of tincture for 1/2 toumbler of water) for externally applying. 

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